Proposed Building - Front

We used to say it was happening…but now we can say it's happened! We've gone from the dream stage to the building stage to occupancy! We couldn’t be more excited to share about our new home at 1384 Deep Cove Road.

It is here where we will continue to fulfill our vision that through The Bridge Church, people get to know Jesus Christ personally and to make him known.  

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As the building itself is essentially complete, we are now taking on a mortgage. We of course welcome contributions so that we can pay off this mortgage faster! If you would like to make a financial contribution specifically to the building project, please click on the "Donate" button:

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Why did we build?

To grow stronger connections with the community where many of our people live. Offering more space to invite family, friends and neighbours to the weekend service - as well as various events and programs - where they too can experience God’s grace, mercy and love.

To give our kids and youth more space for programs and activities, to not only nurture and build relationships with new friends, but also encounter Jesus and learn what it means to have a dynamic, meaningful, lifelong relationship with Him.

Why this location?

Deep Cove is a place of incredible natural beauty, and we are excited to create a worship space in a location surrounded by God’s amazing creation.

This location offers the opportunity to share the good news about Jesus in Deep Cove, while continuing to grow a compassionate and giving community devoted to building bridges into people’s lives.

For more than 40 years The Bridge Church has been looking for a location east of the Seymour River to accommodate our growing church. This is where many of our people live- we are rooted in this place!

What do we offer the community?

An inviting environment where people of all ages can come throughout the week to connect, enjoy and grow in their relationship with God.

In addition to a weekly worship service on Sundays, we offer a wide variety of programs and activities: kids programs, youth programs, adult groups and bible studies, men’s groups, women’s groups, marriage & parenting courses, community outreach programs and events, and many more.

Bridge VolunteerismOur people have always been involved in serving in our community in various volunteer roles. Members and families of The Bridge Church have volunteered in over 230 positions, in many activities, and for many organizations on the North Shore.

Not only do our attendees live close to our new home, but they offer the community their time, their support and are truly committed to nurturing the core values of word, fellowship, worship, prayer, family and outreach.

Latest Updates

To see the timeline of progress over the last two years, click here

The Bridge Church Construction Pics

July, 2021

On June 28, 2021, after a very long process, we received our occupancy permit! We are so excited to welcome you in and show you around! We held our first in-person worship service together on July 11th!