Our dream is that The Bridge Church become a people known throughout the community for their deep devotion to God and to one another... a church devoted to building bridges into people’s lives. It is a dream of people living out the core values of Word; Prayer; Worship; Outreach; Fellowship; and Family

WORD. It is a dream of a people determined to grow in spiritual maturity through the teaching of the Bible, group studies and personal time in God’s Word. It is a people of “The Book” who live out the Scriptures with passion.

PRAYER. It is a dream where appreciation for God drives us to our knees. Where God is sovereign and seeking His will and plan is our first priority. It is a people who, whether together or in private, are quick to pray.

WORSHIP. It is a dream of a people whose love for God is expressed in heart-felt worship engaging mind and emotions. It is the hope of a people who know God and worship with passion and freedom in their private time and when they come together.

OUTREACH. It is a dream of a place where people are passionate about having God-conversations with friends and neighbours. It is a dream of helping the hurting in Jesus’ name and creating a place where they can find hope, acceptance, love, encouragement, and help on their journey.

FELLOWSHIP. It is a dream of a place where loving relationships are expressed through acts of grace and compassionate words. It is a dream of a church that is a welcoming place where people are paramount and we love, learn, laugh, and live in harmony together.

FAMILY. It would be a place that echoes with the laughter of children at all ages. Where marriages are strengthened, families enriched, and Christ is the centre of every home. It is a dream of encouraging, supporting and restoring families within community; of becoming the place where social, political, and community leaders turn for support and help in meeting needs of families.

This is a dream where the church is not defined by a building or the place we meet—but the church is the people of God, passionately in love with the Saviour, and committed to one another, and the community around them to redeem all for the Kingdom.