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This is a very rare occurrence. I don’t normally get the privilege of being in The Bridge Church newsletter. It might be due to the fact that all my previous submissions have been about cartoons and super heroes. However today I am confident that this one just might make it in.

There is a little confusion around our name. What do we call ourselves? What are we legally named etc.? I’m here to help clear the air on this and provide some explanation on this and the story around our current branding.

When I first started here we were called The Bridge Community Church. And in fact, legally that is still our name and will remain so. David really took the initiative to change our name publically and we as a staff tried to modernize some things that we were doing. Around that time I was involved in rebuilding the church website with a company called Church OS. They are a very busy company that focuses on building websites for churches. The Bridge Church was in fact their first client. After meetings with the owner Matt, and sketches I made on paper I pitched ideas to the staff. During this time we also re-designed the logo, which if I was to be personally honest I was never a huge fan of. But never less the end result was a new website that the staff could update, a new logo, and the idea of always calling ourselves The Bridge Church in public. Now for website domains - getting a shortened version was quite difficult, in the end the best we could do was - we would have loved to have been but that and many others were taken. During this time and the rest of David’s ministry, we publically referred to ourselves as The Bridge Church. Most community churches have in fact dropped the word “community” from their name, as it is long and quite dated.

Since those changes, years passed and technology and creativity started to pass us by. Church OS grew quite a lot during this time and now manage I think around 150 churches websites. We were the only church to be on an old platform that they used for their sites. In the office Eli and I were talking about re-branding, about doing a new website, and being consistent across the board so we have a unified look and feel to our church. At the same time this apparently was also raised with the board. Corey and Tim chatted with us and we quickly realized we were on the same page. At that time we got to work on starting from the ground up. I was pushing heavily for a new logo and so Tim (as board representation), Kyle and I started to meet and look through graphic designers. The idea was simple…hire a graphic designer, have them design a logo, and then get the ENTIRE board to agree to it. Well friends, simple ideas sometimes do work! We ended up going with a guy who Dean Dahl uses for his Skate life stuff. Nathan attends a church and gets the idea and importance of having a modern look to a church. After countless revisions I took the first few logos to pitch to the board. None flew, but some creative ideas came out of it and by the next meeting we had our logo (with a few minor tweaks). This actually was way easier than I had anticipated, but both Kyle and I were super excited the board all liked it. Nathan also set up our fonts, our colors, and our basic branding look. We now have guidelines that we follow so everything we publish or broadcast has a certain look and feel to it.

Following the approval of the logo, I brought Eli back into the mix and we started to flush out our ideas with Church OS on our new site. I then spent a good amount of time working with them on it and had great staff input on functionality for each of our areas. The end result is our current website and an entire re-brand of The Bridge Church. Our main goal was to launch this before, or on the day we would be putting out an ad for a new lead pastor. We wanted new potential candidates to see where our current church is now, not where we were in the past. And I’m happy to always hear that many pastors commented positive things on our site and Craig even mentioned that one of the things he liked was our name The Bridge Church.

So, in closing (and if you have read this far congratulations) we are trying our best to “get with the times”. You may see our sermons can now be downloaded as podcasts, and we now have a Facebook site. On that note, if you are a lover of Facebook and would like to help in this area, please contact me.

Well I hope I’ve given you the reason why we are now The Bridge Church and have gone to the effort of a complete re-brand. I’m confident that we are now presenting ourselves as a contemporary church and have taken the right steps to be in line with what is now called “modern”. Please publically refer to us as The Bridge Church so we can be unified in this. I truly hope that God uses our logo, our website, and our name to attract non-believers to walk through our doors. I truly believe that we are going to be blessed in a way we couldn’t have imagined over the next few years.