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We'll have a full day - from 9am to 3pm - filled with Performing ARTS AND SPORTS!!

August 8 to 12th

There's so much that kids can learn through working as a group in various envrionment and we want ot be a channel of new and fun challenges for your little ones!

Kindergarten going into grade 5 = Campers

Grade 6 and Up = volunteers!


This is what your kids will experience:

- Community time : learning more about the WHYs and  HOWs we can and should be more Jesus!

- Music:  rythms, melodies, song writting and much more!

- Dance: develops teamwork, body consciousness, rythm, timing

- Drama: oh my! Kids experience deeper understanding of reactions and actions, feelings, body language and more!

- SPORTS: a place for your kids to practice and develop body and ball skills, start new relationships and of course, spend all that marvelous energy !!!



CAD$ 75 - 1 child

CAD$ 50/child - family of 2 or more!


Please let us know if there's any financial concern.


Tati Fabri - Kids Ministry Director

Nathan  Wiebe - Youth Pastor