Sheila Ulansky

Sheila got caught up in the busyness of a successful life, until the brokenness of the world began to shake her up. This is her story of how seeds of faith planted at an early age were re-awakened, leading her to read the Scriptures, encounter Jesus, and to receive real hope.

Christina Yee

As a small child, Christina was near death in the hospital, abandoned by parents. Watch her testimony and learn how God intervened in her life, healed her, gave her a new family, and left her forever changed.

Angela Abatte

After some tumultuous times, Angela got a dog, which in turn surprisingly led to her rediscovering the love and truth of God in Christ Jesus. Here's her story and why she decided to be baptised.

Nicole Hiebert

Nicole once knew a life of abandonment and addiction. Hear how she came to know Jesus and the change He has made in her!

Jack Schulz

In a generation where many have turned away from Christian faith, Jack has made the decision to follow Jesus, as his parents do. Here's his baptism testimony

Lauren Hu

Lauren made a move from a Christian high school to a public high school where few people believed what she did. In the process, she came to a conviction that Christian faith was true and was baptized this Christmas Eve

Aden Hu

Aden learned that following Jesus often means going against the flow. On Christmas Eve, through baptism, he declared his willingness to go where Jesus will take him!

Karly Pickering

Karly's story shows us the power of Christian community and how the love and service displayed in a church can bring someone into a relationship with Jesus Himself.

Maggie Paguntalan

We believe that Jesus binds up the broken-hearted and frees the captives. This is Maggie's incredible story of how Jesus did that for her.

Robert Yee

Robert Yee had everything people seek after: a successful career, a beautiful family, money and toys and vacations. Not only that, he had become a Christian. He was blessed. However, God had something different in mind for Robert and challenged him to lay it all down. Listen as Robert shares what God asked of him and how he responded.

Danielle Bermel

 Danielle shares about the various struggles that she has endured, including depression and isolation, and how the Holy Spirit has been at work in her life for healing.

Emily Bueschkens

This is the testimony of Emily Bueschkens, and how she was able to find a new life in Jesus.

Brianna Norman

Here is Brianna Norman (Bri) telling us about her new real and close relationship with Jesus

Kelly Wysknowski

That is the journey of Kelly Wysknowski, a man who once hated God, left everything behind but, he was surprised by the love of Jesus.

Indira Zhunussova

Here are the testimony and baptism of Indira Zhunussova. A beautiful journey of finding herself in Jesus.

Robert Greenwood

Here is the journey of Robert Greenwood, and how he understood how to belong and find Jesus in life.

Edward Kersting

Here is Edward Kersting's testimony, showing us how God in His infinite love finds us in our darkness.

Ceilidh Lyne

Ceilidh came to faith in Jesus as a young adult but then spent many years cold and numb in her walk with Him. This is how the Lord awakened her and set her on fire once again.

Ben Than

Ben lay in the hospital, nearing death before he experienced God's deliverance from that death. Listen to him, along with his wife and his daughter, tell the story.