Bridge Cast - Letter to the Ephesians #01

Some background for the letter will be introduced. The main theme for this session involves the implications of the word apostle. This word determines how we read the New Testament. What an apostle writes is true across time and in every culture.

Bridge Cast - Letter to the Ephesians #02

The second session establishes the letter’s theme. More importantly, the apostle lays out what God has given the church so they can be live a unified community under the reign of Christ.

Bridge Cast - Letter to the Ephesians #02

As chapter 2 begins Paul reminds the church that previously they lived according to the desires of the world.

He develops the fact that God has rescued them from sin through Christ. They have been saved by faith apart from works. They are, therefore, God’s handiwork.

Bridge Cast - Letter to the Ephesians #04

At the conclusion of chapter 2 Paul shines light on Gentile members. The apostle reminds them that they were estranged.

However, through faith in Christ they have become equal members of God’s special family. Two humanities have become one.  Because of what Christ has done Gentiles have no reason to think themselves superior to Jews.themselves superior to Jews.