Centre Evangelique De Laval Scott & Nancy Campbell

Scott is currently serving as the full time Transitional Missionary Pastor.


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Connie Duarte

Connie has been serving in Lisbon, Portugal since August 1999 with university students. She is involved in three ministries: assiting with the church plant "The Meeting Place," doing leadership with GBU, and serving with Mission-Net which encourages missional living throughout Europe.

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North American Indigenous Ministries - Byron and Diane Grant

Serving First Nations to reach all Nations.


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World Team - Gary & Sandra Clow

Gary has been the World Team Operations Manager for the Americas since 2004 (North & South America and the Caribbean), as well as assiting the World Teams Training Department.


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Young Life - Dean Dahl

Dean is the Vice President of Young Life and is responsible for National growth and diversity. He is quite involved with Skatelife.


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Chiesa Evangelica San Lorenzo - Rene and Sarah Breuel

Rene has church planted in Rome and the founding pastor of Chiesa Evangelica San Lorenzo. His wife Sarah works for The International Fellowship of Evangelical Students.


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